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I advise checking out Expert Secrets first, then Dotcom Secrets.

Have you check out both of them?

They are both packed with huge value for any entrepreneur and are, in my viewpoint, should reads.

Here are a few insights from Dotcom Secrets that will hopefully ignite or reignite a desire in you to read it.

There are 3 kinds of traffic (people who enter your world/your organisation). It’s essential to understand these 3 kinds of traffic and how they are utilized to grow a business. dotcom secrets audiobook download

This is traffic you can tell where to go. For instance, solo ads, Facebook advertisements, Google advertisements, banner ads, and so on

This traffic is essential because it helps you attain your organisation goals quicker. You speed up the process of getting link clicks, sign ups, and clients by paying for advertisements.

This type of traffic is excellent to utilize, however can vanish quickly. Facebook, Google, etc. can shut down your advertisements for a variety of reasons.

It’s best to have numerous methods in place in case this happens.

dotcom secrets audiobook download

This is traffic you have no control over. It just appears and you don’t understand where it comes from or where it goes.

This traffic is also crucial due to the fact that it helps you with your long term goals. Some examples of this kind of traffic are YouTube, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), SEO, guest article.

This traffic is much slower to acquire than traffic you manage, however still has worth as it creates more long term passive income if done correctly.

Take YouTube for instance … if you create a YouTube video, you just have to do it as soon as and then it’s done, you do not need to do anymore to it. It becomes passive earnings as individuals click it, view it, click your links, etc. gradually.

The disadvantage to this type of traffic is you do not manage who comes and goes, and you also don’t control the platform. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. might shut you down for any variety of reasons.

Lesson to be discovered? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Utilize this type of traffic, however do not base your entire organisation on it.

dotcom secrets audiobook download

This kind of traffic is all yours. It’s by far the best kind of traffic!

This is your email list or followers/readers and is terrific since you can send out an e-mail or make a post and you have immediate traffic to read your message.

It’s crucial to turn the other traffic types (traffic you manage and traffic you don’t control) into traffic you own.

This is where the cash is at. This is where the security for your organisation is at. Having a list and a following is the most essential possession for your company. There is no business without the people.

This is only a small taste of what is in Dotcom Secrets.

If you wish to take your company to the next level, you need this book.

Read it and take action on the info and see your company take off. Russell Brunson will generously give you the book FREE HERE

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